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You can contribute to improve the application. Mainly in these issues:

  • Translations for program and tricks
  • Add/Fix figures/tricks
  • New video links sources for tricks
  • Send me the bugs you found


The application is not translated to all languages. You can contribute by translating the XML file to your local language and send to

Table of translations for version 1.2.x

The new version 1.2.x based contains new strings and help is required to update all languages.

LanguageAppTricks DBXML FileContributor
en (English) 100%100% strings.xml
es (Spanish) 100%100%strings-es.xml
de (Deutsch) 80%10%strings-de.xmlPatrick Kramer Ruiz
fr (French) 0%0%
pl (Polish) 80%0%strings-pl.xmlKrzysztof Szpilczak
nl (Dutch) 80%0%strings-nl.xmlRik Willems
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